Counseling Services

Classroom Guidance Lessons

I will visit each grade level once a month and have the chance to interact with every student during these lessons. Lessons typically last 20-30 minutes in length and cover topics that address the ten character traits addressed in the Texas Education Code. These traits are:




trustworthiness, including honesty, reliability, punctuality, and loyalty;




respect and courtesy;


responsibility, including accountability, diligence, perseverance, and self-control;


fairness, including justice and freedom from prejudice;


caring, including kindness, empathy, compassion, consideration, patience, generosity, and charity;


good citizenship, including patriotism, concern for the common good and the community, and respect for authority and the law;


school pride; and



Small-Group Counseling

A variety of small groups are offered to students who may benefit from spending some extra time developing academic, social, or emotional skills along with their peers who are coping with similar life situations.  Groups can have anywhere from 3-12 members and usually meet biweekly. 

  • Peer Relations and Social Skills

  • Self-Esteem

  • Anger Management

  • Changing Families/Divorce

  • Managing Stress & Anxiety and 

  • Transition to Middle School


Individual Counseling

Some students can benefit from one-on-one counseling regarding academic, social, or emotional challenges. In individual settings, I will provide planned, short-term and goal-focused counseling. It is outside of my expertise to provide therapy or long-term counseling; however, I am prepared to recognize and respond to student mental health needs and assist students and families seek outside resources. 

Referring Students for Services

Who can refer a student for counseling?

A child may refer themselves. A parent may refer their child. A teacher or a staff member may refer a student. 


Students can be referred at any time and for many different reasons. Some reasons a student may be referred to the school counselor are: 

  • Death of a friend or family member

  • Parents separating or divorcing

  • Aggressive behaviors

  • Trouble controlling or understanding emotions

  • Academic struggles

  • Gossip and rumors

  • Friendship problems

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Stress, anxiety or worry

  • College and career awareness

  • Social skills

  • Self-esteem issues

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